Making money with TicketSwap can be smart when you can use some extra money. In addition, you can have bought e-tickets and actually have nothing to do with them. So have you bought a ticket, but can’t go after all? Don’t worry, you can make money with it! In this article I will tell you how you can make money with TicketSwap. At the end I will also tell you about the disadvantages, and another lucrative way to make money on the internet.

What is Ticketswap?

E-tickets can be resold via TicketSwap. This website does not buy tickets itself, but gives people the opportunity to offer tickets themselves.

You can offer tickets for all kinds of events, such as: concerts, festivals, sports competitions, theatre, performances and days out.

TicketSwap believes it is important to act fairly and wants to prevent fraud. They do this by carrying out strict checks on accounts. They also work closely with ticketing companies.

When you buy a ticket via TicketSwap, the old ticket will be deleted. As a buyer you cannot be scammed.

Sell ​​e-tickets to earn money

A smart way of earning money is buying and selling e-tickets. Many people want to visit popular concerts and festivals, but often have not been able to get a ticket in time. Tickets are often sold out within minutes.

You can earn money yourself by buying tickets when celebrities come to perform in the Netherlands. You can then easily resell a ticket for 50 euros for 125 euros. People are of course willing to pay a lot of money to see their favorite artist perform.

Even professional companies are using this nowadays. They are at the top of Google and offer tickets for sale for a lot of money. They only do this when regular ticket sales have stopped.

When you invest in e-tickets you can therefore easily achieve a return of 100% with little effort: a few minutes before the ticket sale you are ready with a few devices, press F5 to refresh the page and buy the tickets.

How can you make money with TicketSwap?
Making money with TicketSwap is easy. Let me explain to you exactly how TicketSwap works and how much profit you can make with it.

First, you offer a ticket for sale on TicketSwap. Placing an ad is free and done within a few clicks. So you upload the ticket and add the (price) information.

Once you’ve offered the ticket, you don’t have to do anything. When someone buys your ticket, you will automatically receive the money in your bank account within 3 working days.

Since there are hundreds of festivals and events every year, you can earn quite a lot of money this way.

The disadvantages of making money through TicketSwap
Offering a ticket on Ticketswap is therefore free. However, when someone buys your ticket, you pay a 5% service fee to TicketSwap. In addition, sellers are not allowed to make more than 20% profit on a ticket. In addition, you pay transaction costs for some payment methods.

Compared to other resale sites, making money with TicketSwap is therefore not lucrative. You cannot ask an extremely high price for a ticket. The profit you can make on a purchased ticket of 50 euros can be calculated as follows:

The purchase price is €50
The selling price (with 20% profit) is €60
The seller receives €57
The buyer pays €63
TicketSwap receive €6
The seller’s profit is €7
Alternatively, you can look for other resale sites with less strict rules. If there is no 20% rule, you can of course make much more profit.

However, I do not find the resale of tickets a very sympathetic method of earning money. Concertgoers often pay far too much for their tickets. Because of this, some people even miss out on their favorite artist.

Due to the many purchasers of tickets, the systems of ticketing companies are often overloaded. People with the most computers or the fastest internet connection have the best chance of winning a ticket at the start of the sale.